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Beautiful illustration

Although the pen might suggest I drew the picture, I did not unfortunately. This card I picked up in Ar De Cor in Monchique. It’s drawn by a Brit called Stephen K. Green. From his website, he has drawn quite a few tourist attractions and architectural details in the Algarve including Monchique, along with the odd London one. I also love the Algarve Scroll Map which depicts the cost line from Cabo de S. Vicent to Lagoa from a bird perspective at a 60 degree angle (approx). I also like the map detail in his Tenderden ScrollMap, a similar style would have been good for the Monchique town map. If the work on Veredas continues along similar lines, his contact as an illustrator might be useful, although it’s a shame that the website on first sight in no way represents the beauty of the illustrations.


The Medronho Experience by Season

Pedro took us to his ‘barn’ where he distills to give him feedback on how he can improve the Medronho experience. From looking at the process there are 5 natural season experiences, all of which include sitting in a breath taking nature on a terrace with rustic furniture and a fire to heat the chourico as a snack or have some barbecued sardines. There are a few tricky situations which need to be thought about when taking a group of tourists from Monchique to the valley with the distillary – it’s a 20 minutes ride which only to some extent can be filled with talking about the road, the nature and the history of the valley. Once there, (the arrival should always be during daytime), the beauty and the house in itself take care of conversation. In the different seasons, visitors can be taken to view or pick the Medronho berries at the near by plantation at the top of the mountain, or can see the fermentation process or in fact actually help with a batch of Medronho.

Great comments on the exhibition

Viele kleine Leute, die viele kleine Dinge tun, verändern die Welt.

Love the label idea for Monchique products and the postcards, new views. Please tell the E.C. to allow local coordinators too! Well done!

Eu Gosto!

Grande maquina!

I enjoyed this exhibition. Really good ideas. Love the maps and products of Monchique. 🙂 Well done guys!

Well done – some really good ideas.

Excellent work. Maps extremely useful for Monchique. Great ideas. Good show guys!

Excellent ideas. Just what Monchique needs. Well done! So come on ‘camera’ don’t let this hard work go to waste.

Good example of Monchique Architecture.

You´ve done a great contribution to Monchique. A beautiful refreshment!

Take the Monchique Novas Direcoes tour

All exhibition content now captured in one place in English and Portuguese. Enjoy! And I can concentrate on the remaining tasks to do with this project before going home in 5 days time:

1. Alter and finalise the maps (the exhibition allowed people to annotate the maps for suggestions and corrections)

2. Print the A3 maps at the council and fold them

3. Email everyone who was interested that they are now available in physical form and meet them

4. Drive to all guest houses and distribute the maps

5. Take down the exhibition and fix the walls if needed

6. Offer the council to make Portuguese versions of the maps (rewarding me for my time spend creating new versions and making them available)

7. Upload all indesign files (packaged) to google and make link available for download on veredas blog

8. Decide on CC licence for veredasmonchique.wordpress content

9. Write proposal for further development of the Veredas project

We are in the papers #2

Algarve News / Portugal News 10th December 2011. Note the caption of the picture. Article (PDF)

Not to be lost…. documentation time!

Although the event is open till Thursday, I started compiling all the content of the exhibition in one place, on the Novas Direcoes Blog, the English and Portuguese text with beautiful pictures so that everything is available to the rest of the group and their family to browse through or show in future. It’s almost as if you were walking through the exhibition yourself. Enjoy the read, but bear in mind in a couple of places, more pictures and text are needed. Do please comment, ask questions, suggest improvements, that is what all this work is for!