Colours of Monchique

Nic, the author of the Monchiquetionary blog has added a beautiful collection of colours of Monchique. Especially the rich and vivid colours of the Medronho berries would be great to use in something designy or crafty.


One response to “Colours of Monchique”

  1. Julie Lawn says :

    Wow you have been busy Fee! This is an interesting blog which shows all aspects of your stay in Monchique.

    Re your comments about the NVQ in Customer Service – Diana and I have taken on board everyones thoughts – good and less positive – and are sure we can deliver this in a slightly different (and less confusing way) next time.

    Its actually not technically possible to fail an NVQ – there is no exam after all – and as your own award and work hasnt been completely marked yet (we are waiting for City and Guilds to look at your folder in March – the earlies they can come) so we can’t say what the final outcome will be.

    Hopefully though it will be a postive one which results in you gaining the UK equivalent of an A Level in Customer Service!
    Kind regards Julie
    Cute Dog Consulting

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