Beautiful illustration

Although the pen might suggest I drew the picture, I did not unfortunately. This card I picked up in Ar De Cor in Monchique. It’s drawn by a Brit called Stephen K. Green. From his website, he has drawn quite a few tourist attractions and architectural details in the Algarve including Monchique, along with the odd London one. I also love the Algarve Scroll Map which depicts the cost line from Cabo de S. Vicent to Lagoa from a bird perspective at a 60 degree angle (approx). I also like the map detail in his Tenderden ScrollMap, a similar style would have been good for the Monchique town map. If the work on Veredas continues along similar lines, his contact as an illustrator might be useful, although it’s a shame that the website on first sight in no way represents the beauty of the illustrations.


One response to “Beautiful illustration”

  1. Stephen Kenneth Green says :

    Thanks for a super display. I am that Brit and I am still working on an Algarve upgrade to go online soon. Also a lot of work in Geneva and France. All the best Stephen Kenneth Green

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