This blog in 2011 (annual stats)

Just before the turn of the year, I got an interesting email from wordpress (the great free blog platform this blog is hosted on). It was an annual report – giving little attention to it at first, the link and the page that was hiding behind it held some interesting details, which I’d like to capture with this blog post (predominantly for UX purposes but also general interest). Overall, I thought it was a rather refreshing surprise, considering the un-fun gamification bit they introduced about a month ago, that is attempting to encourage more frequent blog posts by giving bloggers a next 5 posts target. And, of course I am very happy that 1000 people viewed my blog, considering it has only been running for 3 months!! Here is the report, if you like to check it out yourself.

First of all, the report is a scrolling page, which split the content into distinct sections:

1. Happy new year – [name of blog] 2011 in blogging‘ – the fireworks represent when blog posts were published – nice little detail  which only becomes apparent on second sight.

2. Overall celebration ‘Crunchy numbers‘ – 1000 viewers! Yeah!! But why the strange representation in San Fransisco’s cable car journeys??… maybe the quantity of consumed food if all of these viewers were at the same event would make more sense, to make this number more tangible, but not sure whether it is actually needed unless it add’s a funny and memorable anker, which the iconic cable car journey, maybe culturally, does not to me.

3. How did readers get there? – Where did they come from? – ‘How did they find you?’ and ‘Where did they come from?’ – good list of referring sites and nice map and roll over information. (See image below)

4. Who were they and who commented? – Apart from the fact that I haven’t quite succeeded with encouraging comments, with only a handful , these stats neglect how many people ‘liked’ posts or follow them on wordpress or RSS feeds.

5. What where the most popular posts? referred to as ‘Attractions’. A list of the four most popular. How about adding how much time people spend reading them? For sure time must be traced?!

6. Share it with the world – I did!

7. Thanks again

8. But wait, there is more…. 1.2.3. with a promise that in the new year one can blog even faster… i.e. the promise to have a more intuitive interface?!

Visually: the page has a nice common design feel which has been around for the last two years: strong, bold colours, bold handwritten font and folded drapy things and borders to make images more integrated into the page. I also like the pattern and siluettes of the section dividers.


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