The personality of the Quinta

A few weeks ago, Nic ran a workshop getting small groups of people and the owners of the Quinta to extract the brand of Quinta das Relvinhas. For this Nic used a card game based on archetypes, differentiating between Vision, Sound, Taste and Behaviour. The Quinta has so much potential but suffers of a mixed bag of messages, creating wrong expectations and not meeting them by claiming something it is no or has moved away from. The objective was to discuss the present and the future ideas of the brand path the direction forward. This was why it was great that the owners of the Quinta were there too, simultaneously smaller groups also did the exercise. However, right from the onset, it was difficult for everyone to differentiate between what the Quinta is now, was and what it potentially could be.  It created interesting discussions and the end result were the personalities of the explorer, the innocent and the magician.

All three types seek Risk and Independence. This definitely reflects the spontaneous personality of the Quinta. But shall it stay this way? What do the owners want to do? How much do they wish to be involved in running their business and are they ready to delegate and create change within their property? All very relevant questions, all of which could not be clearly answered with the confidence of not changing their mind the next moment or let it be two weeks later, hence most work was suspended from our side. Why run after a slippery fish when you are not even getting paid for the work?!

From this I had a first stab at the philosophy of the Quinta.


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