Last little bits…

It’s been a week and a half since we returned to the UK, the three days of German Christmas is past and the new year is just round the corner. Slowly but surely the time after Monchique has started and I’ve been working hard to process and finish uncompleted blogposts, thoughts, drawing and crafty things to feel ready to embark and emerge myself into the next project (and yes, even the week back has not been long enough to wrap everything up as new ‘nice-to-haves’ are cropping up). So, here the freshly updated blogposts:

  • Lisbon Souvenirs (list and links for nice designerly Souvenirs) and the Craft shop map of the Alfama district (the must-visit crafts shop in the Alfama district, Lisboa)
  • Lisbon for free – completed and with added links to wikipedia articles)
  • Aluzejos de Portugal – more pics from the National tile Museum and more description of the  tile making process
  • Portuguese Theater – play about the convent of Monchique – sharing and communicating different points of view what should happen with the convent ruin in Monchqiue
  • Longevity – a little slagging off the 5star wellness resort by Caldas de Monchique
  • Europe’s biggest cork tree – on Picota
  • Designing guided tours – What makes a good guided walk? Drawing on examples from Lisbon’s ‘free walking tours’
  • Personality of the Quinta – Using a card Archetype game to extract the brand identity

One response to “Last little bits…”

  1. juliaharriman says :

    wow you have been busy Fee! Really great blog posts. And I think that pop up shop shop / art street could become a reality…

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