Time to make…

Everyone who has been with me to a beach or forest, they know – I like picking interesting things up to take home as a memento for this particular place, whether that’s a piece of chalk from the seven sisters or shells from Croatia. But rather than these objects sitting somewhere in a draw taking up space, I like to make things from it…. As so, with the Eucalyptus seed pots earrings below – these were picked up when Veronika, Janki and I tried to find the tree walk of Monchique, when we walked straight up a mountain along a path that had been cut by the machines that are used to harvest the Eucalyptus trees.

They smell good but lose ‘evil’ Eucalyptus seeds. In London however, in this climate I would think there is little chance of a Eucalyptus tree growing and taking over entire hill sides taking over the habitat of other trees and stealing all their nutrition as it was the case in the Serra de Monchique.

Having taken heaps of photographs in Monchique and Lisbon of tiled facades but not done anything with it whilst I was in Portugal, apart from making some into postcards. I used Moo’s 30% off deal to get stickers made from all these pictures I took to make the patterns more tangible for drawing, pattern making or whatever else I could not think of at the time of making this little sticker booklet. So, with thicker card on the back and flat ear studs to glue to, I made these nice ‘Aluzejos de Portugal’ earrings to be given away as a Christmas present. Who will be the lucky person?!


2 responses to “Time to make…”

  1. juliaharriman says :

    cute! I loved those seeds!

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