The Medronho Experience by Season

Pedro took us to his ‘barn’ where he distills to give him feedback on how he can improve the Medronho experience. From looking at the process there are 5 natural season experiences, all of which include sitting in a breath taking nature on a terrace with rustic furniture and a fire to heat the chourico as a snack or have some barbecued sardines. There are a few tricky situations which need to be thought about when taking a group of tourists from Monchique to the valley with the distillary – it’s a 20 minutes ride which only to some extent can be filled with talking about the road, the nature and the history of the valley. Once there, (the arrival should always be during daytime), the beauty and the house in itself take care of conversation. In the different seasons, visitors can be taken to view or pick the Medronho berries at the near by plantation at the top of the mountain, or can see the fermentation process or in fact actually help with a batch of Medronho.


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