The Medronho experience

There is something quite beautiful about mold covered Medronho berries.

On Friday afternoon we were taken by the Medronho producer Pedro Tapais to the place where he makes his Medronho called Tapais. The Medronho is destilled in a little house North of Monchique, about half an hours drive, in a narrow valley.  He helped us out with the Medronho bottles which we had in our exhibition with new labels and has quite a few new business ideas – he took five of us (Nic, Julia, Janki, Frank and me) on his Medronho experience  to receive feedback on how he can organise the experience better. Below – Pedro is preparing the first shot of Medronho after having showed us the barrels filled with berries to the rim and we listened to their gurgling. Unfortunately it wasn’t the season for distillation. The berries were picked last month, now they need to sit for 3 month more to start fermenting.

The best Medronho is made from red berries. The special batch for the owner and his friends. One barrel makes about 100-150 litres of Medronho.

The corner of the over 100 year old house where over generations Medronho has been distilled.

The house, in a wonderful location, surrounded by houses that belong to the wider family.

There is a terrace on which dried corn for the chickens and bunches of onion are stored. The near by river and the Medronho fields are in walking distance and thus the possibility to create a whole day filled with food, nature, learning and drink to show a small group of people the Medronho experience. [Specific ideas with specifics on how to shape the experience exactly will follow]


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