If I were to continue the Veredas project…

Small extensions 

1. Translate all current maps into Portuguese

2. Four more Walking maps -> Foia (POI = spring, forests, convent, eagles), Monchique- Caldas (mills, roman benches, beautiful valley, farm houses), Europe’s largest Cork tree (Picota and 4 classified trees – Eucalyptus, mixed forest, Magnolia, Cork tree on Picota), Moinha (mill, valley)

3. Three Cycling maps – Foia->Monchique downhill, Monchique – Alferce – Picota, Picota – Caldas, Monchique – Caldas

Resources: (small team of 3 (including me), 1 illustrator, 1 biologist (part time), who both love being in nature, cycling and taking photos, Portuguese speaking) Time: 1 month with 4 days a week. Materials: Good camera, GPS and tracing device, laptop, scanner, printer)


Medium extentions

4. Work with Ethnographers to collect local myths and legends for 2 legend walks – Monchique vila, Monchique > Caldas underground tunnel system. (1 months for both, team with 1/2 Portuguese)

5. Work with experts to collect more information about specific flora and fauna and make into commercial booklets specific for existing routes (Resources 1.5 months for 4 routes, team of 2/3 allowing printing time after)

6. Develop games and kids activities along routes e.g. drawing activities, card games etc (If content gathered 2 month including user research, probe games and iterations, team of 2/3)

7. Translate all existing maps into the other three main languages – German, Spanish, French


Online app and rental service (Start set 5 walking maps, 3 cycling routes with 6 points of interests along the way each with more specific information.)

8. Mockup simple tech solution and Test ideas and responses (1 month further development from current stage)

9. Maps and GPS signal follow where one is along the route (not relying on well signed marks)

10. QR codes for direct access to information along some routes (acquire small set of durable tablet devices for development and renting service)

11. Community of walkers shape the content by asking questions, contributing, sharing, competition & games, marking signs that need to be replaced, paths to be opened or where dogs are an issue for safety of walker

 Resources: 3-6 months depending on goal and complexity – full time developer (I wonder who?!) and me and a few part timers like: illustrator and biologist


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