Take the Monchique Novas Direcoes tour

All exhibition content now captured in one place in English and Portuguese. Enjoy! And I can concentrate on the remaining tasks to do with this project before going home in 5 days time:

1. Alter and finalise the maps (the exhibition allowed people to annotate the maps for suggestions and corrections)

2. Print the A3 maps at the council and fold them

3. Email everyone who was interested that they are now available in physical form and meet them

4. Drive to all guest houses and distribute the maps

5. Take down the exhibition and fix the walls if needed

6. Offer the council to make Portuguese versions of the maps (rewarding me for my time spend creating new versions and making them available)

7. Upload all indesign files (packaged) to google and make link available for download on veredas blog

8. Decide on CC licence for veredasmonchique.wordpress content

9. Write proposal for further development of the Veredas project


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