Answer to everything – Maps?

To encourage tourists to stay for a few days, we also need to provide the information of  ‘places to stay’ and ‘best snacks in town’. Whether they need to be physical maps is debatable, but it’s a great way to get the information into one place. The two maps below are a rough guide for the content which Cola and Veronika are looking to lead on. Of course the quality of the map will be improved when I go down into town to get it A3 scanned.

Restaurant and Cafes of Monchique

Places to stay for a night or two


3 responses to “Answer to everything – Maps?”

  1. Uli Eberle says :

    Mistake: Ochala is not at the sqaure. It is in Rua Dr. Samora Gil. (That is the street leading to the town hall)

    Greeting Uli

    • feeschmidts says :

      Thanks Uli! The maps went through many revisions today before printing the final version. The location of Ochala has been modified. Thanks for your comment!
      Are you a resident in Monchique? Please come by our exhibition starting Saturday at 5pm in the internet youth centre (Espaco Joven). I’m really interested in people’s opinions and reactions to the maps and service system idea behind them.


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