Geocaching in the Algarve

Almost having done it myself once as an excuse to explore the surrounding area of London, the feature article in the Algarve 123 in which we were mentioned too, was about Geocaching and how big it was in the Algarve with 527* caches alone. For the ones who don’t know yet what geocaching is: it’s basically a treasure hunt to find a cache, a container with something to exchange inside, by following GPS coordinates. Often these locations are culturally or geographically interesting and I really like the idea to tie them into local myths and legends.

A group of Portuguese friends is interested in organising a treasure hunt for our events week (which could be a great example for an activitiy for the kid’s, something that would really be great if Monchique had it, as lots of families visit throughout the year.) Anyhow, when I mentioned this to our Portuguese teacher, she got exciting and told me that her husband is well into geocaching. So here, the the useful links she send across, helping people of Monchique select their next geo-hunt.

This is a list of caches locations in Monchique. GPSies website helps with fnding tracks to reach the location and this is a leaflet about a cache in Portuguese.


*Algarve 123 24th -30th November 2011


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