Orange delight.

At one of the first barbecues this year in London, I ended up helping an Italian flatmate chocolate covering dried power sugared orange peel which he’d made himself. Since that day in late March, I’ve been thinking about this Orange delight. Having made marmalade from Monchique grown oranges a couple of weeks back, all that wasn’t used in the marmalade was half the orange skin and the entire pith. Perfect for trying out the candied orange peel and who would not get excited about the process seeing this amazing recipe of candied chocolate covered orange peel. *Yumm!

It was time to try it again! Having summoned jars and saved up some nice oranges earlier this week, Nic, Janki and I transformed the kitchen into an orange factory – equiped with peeler, juicer, pans and knifes. This time, based on ‘user research’ and ‘expert advice’ (thanks Tom!) we shall use more sugar (although I’m not sure whether double sugar to oranges is really necessary as according to this recipe) mainly to help it set earlier. Also the cold plate shall be prepared earlier to keep testing the marmalade’s settiness (I know that’s not a word – but it well could be!) not losing valuable quantity. [Keep an eye out for a future blog post to see how the second batch of marmalade and the orange peel went on.]


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