The convent and five trees

To take a break from designing the final maps, Janki, Veronika and I traced the classified tree walk for Steve. We traced the route using an old school GSP device and my GPS camera. The google earth screen shot has the route  drawn in approximately. Due to the hills, the camera rarely got a GPS signal thus all pictures are clustered rather than spread evenly along the path (and I did not even switch the camera off) and the trace is locked inside the device. Not too useful for including the track confidently in the final maps. At least I got the altitudes from the pictures.


  1. Explore Monchique’s alleyways up to the Arauca tree
  2. Climb slowly up to the convent, go inside if you are lucky enough
  3. Pass the Magnolia tree at the old school sight and walk along narrow cobbled paths past traditional houses and farming terraces
  4. Follow the little stream up the valley along a narrow footpath
  5. Cross the stream and follow the path up until you hit a sanded road
  6. Turn left and follow the road passing through an Eucalyptus forest and enjoy the great view to the convent
  7. When arriving at the main road to Foia, turn right and walk upthe road for 5 minutes. The views over to Picota will make up for the short path along the road.
  8. Just before ‘Fernando’ restaurant turn left and follow the serpentine road through cork and eucalyptus trees.
  9. At the bottom of the road turn left and after a just a few minutes the petrol station will be insight and with it the avenue of Planato trees
  10. Stop at Cafe Maio for a Bifana
  11. Walk along the main road, take the left road of the one way system, pass two craft stores and arrive back at the tourist office

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