Classified trees of Monchique

Yesterday we (Ryan, Janki, Veronika & me) met with Steve from A Nossa Terra – an environmental organisation established in mid 1990’s, focused on the Serra de Monchique. Together with Almargem, they are working on improving the Via Algarviana (a 10 day walking path that crosses the Algarve from east to south west) by providing more facilities and themed tracks, e.g. accommodation near Marmelete or extensions to visit classified trees or incorporate other activities like cycling. In March it’s planned to publish some of these extra itenaries. For these Steve wants help with proofing some of these routes and take a GPS trace of them. Equipped with tree locations and their names but no pictures, we still didn’t know what we were looking out for were we able to find them ourselves. Therefore on the spot before it was getting dark, Steve drove us round the trees in Monchique (view the PDF to follow our footsteps or the google map). Having been shown the trees and suggested walking paths that connect them, it’s still not entirely sure what makes these classified trees so special. For sure they are rare and often big, however they do not stand out majorly and one would need to be a real tree fanatic to make a 4 km detour to visit the Monchique Oak with its rather uninformative sign (great that it has one tho!).

Anyway it’s a great opportunity to include the trees in one of our maps. So, tomorrow we will be tracing the Picota route and the walk around town connecting the trees with the convent.

Working files: List of trees and working file


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