Time to Reflect #2

Last week Diana, the project coordinator, visited again to evaluate the progress of the project midway and to discuss general project issues and personal progress. My personal progress as displayed above, I compared to the one about 3 weeks into the project. Overall I advanced in my Portuguese (through making a Brazilian friend and talking to the Pottery man) and creating more visualisations of ideas for designs (the numerous annotated sketches and photos you can see in previous blogposts). With the project end in sight, I spend a lot of time on designs and blogging (capturing my impressions) rather than creating art, drawing or craft objects, hence ‘passion for pattern’s and ‘illustrations’ has gone down. This can also be wonderfully seen in the -7 at outdoorsy activities, although I am now thinking I might have forgotten the GPS walks in the last two weeks and of course the weather has been more autumny and rainy.

General project issues (just a list for now, rather like notes for final and longer project reflection)

  • Weak coordination by partners, planning of objectives/ tasks and lack of leadership (Lucio, Frank, Turofia)
  • Mixed bag of messages of objective of the project: matched funding  (Leonardo = Personal Progress, Project name = Sustainable Tourism, Community expectation = improvement)
  • Too many box tickers – The NVQ (customer service qualification) which most are doing here, is not well planned
  • Lack of budget for end of project event (it has always been spoken about an event)
  • Weak communication between coordinators and participants (Language, Planning, Setting expectations, Selling the group)

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