Mushrooms identified

Walks and pretty pictures first, then spending 1.5+ hours looking in a mushroom book trying to identify the mushrooms captured. All but one, can be named quite confidently. The one left out, on bottom left, was rather young and only photographed from below. The Parasol which we ate heaps from at the Quinta this week, can be easily mistaken for three other deadly poisonous ones. So, indeed look out for really big ones, the ones that barely can hold the weight of their own head.

I identified the mushrooms by looking through the book*, comparing mushrooms visually and reading their descriptions to strengthen my assumption if too similar to other mushrooms. I did not use its identification tree diagram guided by the anatomy of the mushroom (in words only) because it wasn’t as intuitive and useful as thought at first (at least not for a first timer). This online visual key seems more intuitive. What a shame that after you click a category the pictures become too small to really differentiate between them. Ah, and look there is the iphone app by the same guy… Me thinks, another blogpost is needed to focus on apps for the outdoors – plants, animals, trails and mushrooms.

*Book: Pilze Pocket Guide, Könemann 2005 Anatomy of mushrooms page 9/10


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