Marmalade first timers…

It’s orange season! By the week oranges falling off trees are becoming bigger, from about their pingpong size three weeks ago , they have now grown into a tennis ball already quite juice for making juice. However almost every house in Monchique has 3 or 4 of orange trees if not a a whole plantage. With increasingly abandoned farms there are lots and lots of surplus and unused oranges. Here, at the Quinta alone we have 4 pippless orange tress, everyday with at least 5 new ones falling off the tree, 2 trees carrying very orange and juicing oranges filled with at least 10 pips each, and one lemon tree, both which only shed fruit occasionally (unless the goats are nibbling them away before collection the next morning). Anyway, so we sit on two buckets worth of oranges, what to do with them before the first one turns moldy?! It’s time for marmalade!

1. Peel Oranges (potato peeler)

2. Take of the white remaining skin and pith

3. Slice oranges and cut into pieces

4. Boil pieces with orange juice

5. Place pips in muslin (or pair of tights) and boil with oranges

6. Add 2 cups of sugar

7. Boil orange skin in separate pan and cut into strips

8. Boil for 45 mins til 1h, stir occasionally

9. Refrigerate a drop of marmalade: Test for skin and solidity

10. Steralise jam jars and fill up to rim, the least air enclosed inside


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