Monchique Novas Direcoes

It’s set. Our end of project event, where we will be showcasing the outcomes and display what individuals have gained from the project is set to the 10th of December. Below the invite text which will be printed in the next edition of Monchique, the monthly magazine. The plan is to have co-creative elements in the space as well, like a map that people can add to and several comment spaces inviting visitors to engage with us into a discussion about impressions and ideas. Ow… and we have a new name, ‘Monchique unpackaged’ did not work in Portuguese. The new one means ‘new directions’.

Monchique. What does it mean for you? If you’re a local, you’ll know all the secret places that make it unique. Imagine you are on holiday though. Where can you find out the best place to drink a modrono, to walk through lush landscapes and to buy quality locally produced gifts? Chances are, you will not stay longer than a couple of hours before driving away. 

A group of young Europeans who have been resident in Monchique for the last 3 months invite you to their interactive exhibition which will launch new maps and showcase the work they have done to encourage tourists to stay longer in Monchique. The exhibition will be open from Saturday 10 Dec – Thursday 15 Dec between 2-7pm with a private view on Sat 10 at 5pm in the workshop space in the internet cafe.


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