Picota trail GPS trace

What set out to be a 8km walk ended up being a 17 round trip over the tip of Picota, Foia’s little brother. After stumbling over the ‘red dots’ of the Picota walk, just by the football stadium in Monchique, our group of 5 decided to walk up it. Lured by the tales of beautiful views and untouched mountain site. The path took us down the valley to the foot of Picota, crossing a little river and farms with flourishing fruit trees and vegetable crops. From there the path starts climbing up to Picota. From the valley to about half way up the mountain, the path runs along minor roads, including a 5 minute walk along the road that goes from Monchique to Alferce. Leaving the road, a varying mix of dots, lines and arrows seem to mark the remaining path. Having reached the top, we followed the wrong path of the Via Algarviana and started walking towards Silves over the eastern side of the mountain considerably adding to the duration of the path. But, hey, that’s where the more beautiful views are.

To have a round trip to Picota, one should cross the peak and descend on the opposite site, which is the GR13 trail, above marked in pink.


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