Starting a working prototype

In the  last few weeks I have been most interested in the Veredas Project and the project idea of Monchique Unpackaged. Both together are a collection of interesting information about sustainable and ecological projects and businesses in the area, promoting local as much as possible and sustainable tourism. For the Veredas project I am planning to prototype physical access points [e.g. QR codes – details will follow soon – keep an eye out on the blog] and leaflets that guide to the site.  Above are my first website sketch ideas  for the walking side making use of social networks and ratings. Of course a digital approach may not be very successful in the short-term (especially in rainy season) but I am most interested in people’s reaction and whether benefits of information, better information of path ways would outweigh reluctance to use tech in nature walks. I started the prototype page in wordpress, free hosting and basic stats. The philosophy is mostly there, and I am waiting for content contribution from my team mates.


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