Walk GPS tracing using photos

As part of the Veredas project and mapping local walks and trying out my wonderful new gadget birthday present, Andy and I walked the Paderne Castelo walk from the Algarve walking book – a 5.3 km walk along the Quarteira river past two water mills, over a roman bridge, crossing a weir and visiting Paderne castle. The main objective of the walk was to trace the route whilst walking it, record all points of interests (like Medronho plants or the Roman bridge) and have them all in one place later when editing and creating a clearer, more beautiful map from it for the Veredas walks. Basically an easy and reliable way to derive at a base map like this, the one I started for the Caldes de Monchique walk.

To plot the points and have them integrated into maps I used Google maps, Picassa and Google earth. Having imported all pictures of the walk to Picassa 3 (below) I could already see a small version map. Next I exported a .klm file [via tools] and imported it into google maps / my places to create a more precise map of the GPS points of the photos (see screen shot above). Despite being slightly disappointed by the degree of accuracy of the GPS data points, it already gives a good indication of where the path runs.

Next I opened the same klm file in Google earth (Screen shot below). If the files were named properly it would help to locate the POI (points of interests) along the track.

As comparison we also traced the walk using an app (something similar to run keeper). The trace was more accurate and the graphs like (altitude against time – graph below) were already integrated, however of course the POIs were not included.


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