Veredas de Monchique #3

With Joana’s agreement we are no longer involved in the direct research to identify the local flora and fauna as most of the information were in Portuguese and although it would have been hugely interesting to know all of the plants and the uses or historical relevance of Caldes de Monchique, it’s her who needs to absorb all the information and run guided tours.

Nevertheless we are still aiming to create a flyer for the Caldes de Monchique walk with me being the lead designer, I started sketching out the different touchpoints (free info flyers, more informative flyers, book and kid’s activity) and started a first version layout with copy with the aim to have more in-depth discussions with Lucio and Joana soon. For December we are only aiming to have the free flyers finished – which I currently envision as a third A4 double sided or smaller folded flyer in business card size which would also fit into the cork holders of Alternative Tourism.

Key questions for further design steps:

  • What distinguishes one walk from another apart from its location? Do they have natural themes e.g. one is more historical, more about plants & trees, geographical formations or local legends?
  • Get routes for all walks and POIs (Points of Interests)
  • Would a kids activity be seen as beneficial for Caldes Walk? (It would be fun to design)

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