Hostel Benchmarking Trip

Between the 21st and 29th of October I stayed in Lisbon during the week to research materials and guided walking tours (for the Veredas project) and marketing materials and hostel experiences (for the Quinta das Relvinhas). I stayed in four different hostels all together, three in Lisbon close to Chaido and one night in Sintra. Each of the hostels had a different feel and history and was accommodating a slightly different segmentation of traveler.

What does your hostel feel like?

Poets Hostel, Lisbon – is a young creative professional who sometimes is too busy and structured to go with the flow and who is very predictable.

 Old Town Hostel, Lisbon – is an old and wise hippy who lives to have interesting conversations to meet new people and recommending them individual adventures.

 Nice Way Hostel, Sintra – is a warming, home-like caring mother who likes to ensure everyone is alright and feeling at home.

 Lisb’on Hostel, Lisbon – Styled and well dressed. Too busy and big to take a minute to get to know the people staying there. It’s an introverted perfectionist.

The challenge for the Quinta

Quinta das Relvinhas is now a scruffy middle aged woman who has let herself go a little and likes to collect and cling on to memories. The marks of a turbulent past can be seen in her wrinkles, but her past beauty is still very present – she is just a little disheartened to make the effort.

Let’s transform and support the Quinta to welcome travelers, like her grandchildren. To carry herself proudly and confidently, sharing her experiences and supporting and listening to everyone who is stepping through her doors. Sharing old wisdom and thoughtful words.


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