Monchique Unpackaged

Considering we are about to reach the half way point of the project: It’s time to think about the final outcome which all our efforts go towards, benefiting the community as a whole as part of promoting sustainable tourism in Monchique. It’s also an opportunity to show case what we have done as a group over the last three months. From working with individual people and businesses, there is little transparency of the outcomes and it would be brilliant getting them all into the same room to talk to each other as there is huge collaboration potential. So the newest plan, fresh from Julia’s mind with help of us others, is the idea for a final events week called ‘Monchique unwrapped’ which shares all the information we found out about eco tourism and interesting places to go to within Monchique, celebrating it and displaying the results.

As the core outcome, all resources and outcomes will be made available for tourists and local business to build and develop ideas from on some kind of wiki or ning platform. It basically will contain lots of maps, postcard designs, labels and contacts.


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