Monchique maps (quick & dirty)

These maps are the first prototype to lead discussions and aid information collection for things to do in Monchique, whether that is walks, craft shops or places to eat. Apart from collecting the information in an accessible online space (Monchique unpackaged – url not finalised yet as we are still looking into existing resources), it’s also a great opportunity to involve the rest of the group and the wider community of Monchique to collect the information for the specific maps as well as straight away help the lady in the Tourist office with better and specific walking maps for tourists.


2 responses to “Monchique maps (quick & dirty)”

  1. Henk Knoop says :

    why no more circular walks in the beautiful area around your village and also gps-data such as gpx or kml files of the walks on your site???

    • feeschmidts says :

      Hey Henk,

      thanks for your comment. It would be great to add more maps and resources to the site! But I no longer live in Monchique. The maps are an outcome of the 3 months residency 2 years ago. I’m happy they are still proving themselves useful!

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