Lisbon for me

Never having fallen in love (with a city) on first sight, I am glad to have stayed in Lisbon for a whole week, experiencing the change in weather from summer to autumn, exploring all different parts of town as well as seeing the outer skirts, learned lots about its history through the free walking tours and its excellent museums. The week calmed my excitement for the city the more I got to know, the more I understood the lively veins of creativity but also the despair and underlying poverty – Lisbon, don’t get me wrong I am fascinated by your personality.

Lisbon, I like
your well dressed
simple elegant sense
of skirts and flat shoes.

I like your tram 28
like a roller coaster
rumbling through your streets
a rush of emotions
as the tiles go past
squeezing past people and cars

I like your empty streets and big wide placas
the fact that you aren’t shining from very angle
a crumbling wall, an assortment of juxtaposed tiles
licking its past wounds, show casting its history
The little quirky creative spaces tugged away
giving the impression of a respected and supported scene


it broke my heart when I found out it was convenience art
to cover over the derelict parts, forgotten houses and insecure living spaces
The poverty and darkened figures waiting on your empty streets
to see some change, waiting for a silver lining.

Lisbon, full of potential and alternative ways
continue to show films in churches
and feed your citizens on pastais de Belem

I like to see you soon again
full of buzz and creative minds
a transformed look living out your potential


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