Time to reflect #1

Today it’s one month exactly I have been living wonderful Monchique. The Leonardo program which enabled me to spend wonderful weeks in Portugal is all focused on personal development.  So, time to reflect on greater objectives and list all the things that I have done and currently working on.
Things ongoing
– Participated photography competition – want to make a book about the patterns of Monchique, but need to figure out still how to involve people from Monchique in it
– Started building dry stone wall with Lucio
– Started helping Joana, who works with Lucio, to collect and design a brochure for Caldas Veredas (Footpath) learn about local plants
– Helped Lucio to dig and even two of the terraces in the Park
– Helping Frank to develop a Business Plan (ongoing)
– Help Group to organise and distribute concrete tasks but I found this took up too much time and distracted from own
– Went to Villa Fioa – good to see how they run the guest house
– Fixed Pool table pockets.
– Went along and will continue to go along to Monchique’s Embroidery class
– Wrote some blog entries
On the radar
– Contact with Longevity to learn about how they organise their Design Department
– Visualise Garden Areas and room details
– Work with Algarve 123 Newspaper on alternative design suggestions
– Frank website (not started)
– Lucio Website + Leaflet (not started yet)
– Global Sustainability Jam in Lisbon at end of October
– Research in Lisbon into Hostels (for Frank)

Dissatisfied / Criticism
– Not learning enough about sustainable tourism
– Program not sufficiently contributing to the local community of Monchique

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