Building a dry stone wall

The adventure park ‘Parque da adventura da Foia‘  has several level platforms. Two of which Lucio has already built. This time we started building the biggest one, 15 meters in diameter. Tom, the landscape gardener is experienced in dry stone wall building and mentored the process. Building a dry stone wall is like a giant puzzle – finding stones that fit together well, supporting each others weight and balancing and ankering it with the back wall soil, building it up layer by layer. It took us 2 working days to complete after the digger prepared a good base to continue by hand. At the end of the first day we had 1.5 layers (picture above). As the stones had gradually decreased in quality, the last part, furthest to the right was taken down again and rebuild. Well, the best way to learn is making mistakes! Check out how the wall looked just before completion. Beware the dust!

And here a 10 step manual on how to build a forest platform. It makes it sound easier than it was.


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