4 Steps to Surfing


5 responses to “4 Steps to Surfing”

  1. juliaharriman says :

    I absolutely love your blog. It is awesome 🙂

  2. melanie says :

    i visited your blog since i gotten interested in the things about sustainable tourism. I also wanted to tell you that i am still interested to give feedback on the childrenstour. I might be way to early, but if you’re working on it, keep in mind that children (the age of 4 until 11) need a sort of story, a character to get into it. It is as old as the streets (a saying we use in belgium) but it works and it helps to build up imagination. it can be a figure out of the personal history of Monchique (which is transformed into a modern one) or it can be an imaginative figure/object come to life) but somehow it needs a link to reality for credability for the children. Anyhow, i wish you good luck with the project and enjoy the portuguese living in Monchique and around… greetings, melanie (belgium, we met in the Old Town Hostel in Lisbon).

    • feeschmidts says :

      Hello Melanie,
      So happy to hear from you! I haven’t written to you yet, because I haven’t worked on the kid’s activities in detail yet. But it’s not at all to early really to receive first input from you and thanks so much for checking out my blog. I will keep the character and story building in mind when I embark on a more design sprint with hopefully 3-5 different ideas as the outcome. Thanks so much and you will hear from me soon. Best greetings to Gent. x

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