Patterns of Monchique #2

Continuing my earlier post with the idea for a Patterns of Monchique book, to give the book a bit more purpose and also bring in the people of Monchique bit: The book consists of a number of trails through the town of Monchique based on themes e.g. Each walk is about an hour long, exploring corners off the beaten tourist track. e.g.

  • House fronts and nice details
  • Local products
  • Tiled houses
  • Craft shops and Cafes
Each trail would have 1 or 2 stopping points to explore or stop.

Nice to have: Interviews with local crafts men/women/ shop owners etc in sections between trails as things to discover. Also a great opportunity to improve my Portuguese!


7 responses to “Patterns of Monchique #2”

  1. Clare says :

    I just came across your blog as I am interested in visiting Monchique soon, this is the best information on Monchique I have come across, I love your maps, would like to see more of Meet the locals, and your craft shop information brilliant, you are truly superb. Good writer too.
    Thank you

    • feeschmidts says :

      Thanks Clare, I hope you enjoy your visit to Monchique. Myself I hope to be back there for a visit soon.
      Greetings from London

      • Clare says :

        Hi Fee, I am in london too, Waterloo! Could you possibly email me your personal email, theres a few things I would like to ask you about Monchique.

      • feeschmidts says :

        Hi Claire, so sorry I only just saw your comment. Head to and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the footer you find my contact email. Shoot away any questions you may have if you haven’t already been to Monchique. I’d be happy to help.


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