A motleyed group

This is our group. A motley made up of 7 girls and 7 males with an age range from 18 to 46. Everyone came together from a different background, with a different objective of what to learn or gain. Right from the onset of the project the specific tasks what we would be helping the partnering organisations with where unclear and felt rather made up on the fly. Lacking experience on how to coordinate and motivate volunteers, let them feel valued. Insufficient tools were supplied for accommodating 14 people working, too much control, tasks given without a definite end, without being able to see achievement. The list continues… and the rumbling giant voice.

In a nutshell there was lack of planning and communication. Apparently all CV’s and motivation letters had been forwarded to the partners, for them to absorb, there was very little overall discussion of what drives individuals, providing meaningful and achievable tasks and making volunteers who are working for free valued and communicating that they have made a difference that day, motivating them to come back the next day or next week to get even more done. Hence, Julia and I took the initiative to interview everyone about what they liked/ disliked so far, what skills they have to offer and which skills and experience they would like to gain whilst being here. We also sat in meetings with the partnering organisations as representatives of the group. The outcome of the interviews we visualised in a big map and presented it to the group and the partners in a workshop which also allowed people to add and contribute to each other’s profiles from what we had learnt from one another in the last couple of weeks. Additionally we also made a list of tasks that needed to be done at Franks and Lucio’s with the intention for small groups to take ownership.


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